Law has meaning in wide range of contexts, both written and unwritten. The written law is not merely the constitutions that were created by the house of representative as well as the Goverbment (DPR), but also includes the written laws which were stated by the Court that is known as The Jurisprudence. Law is directed to regulate the human being in order to be well arranged. But frequently laws or constitutions were left behind and irrelevant with the current community development, uncompleted, and its interpretation are unclear or still debatable, even an unsynchronization between one regulation and the others is not rarely met, both vertically and horizontally. Meanwhile, the court can not refuse the proposed case to be handled; indeed the court's role in the civil case accomplishment is irreplaceable. The law's politic dimension of the arranger has its influence on the law development. The politic of law that the Court took place must be directed to achieve the aim of the law, by considering the values of Pancasila as the law resource or the prosecution principles in The Law State of Indonesia.

Key Words : Politik Hukum, Peradilan, Penyelesaian Sengketa