Oleh : Wahyu Nugroho, SHI, MH

Commitment or often termed the government's political will to implement and enforce the rights of the ratification. of several international human rights instruments are still being encouraged and is a logical consequence of the ratification of human rights. At the national level, there are government programs through the National Action Plan human rights ideal, but at the regional/local, still going violations of human rights and the implementation of a slightly run due to differences in the interpretation of the meaning of. human perception among law enforcement, people's (civil society) and the government. In this study, the observed variables are: first, the consequences of the government's participation in the ratification of treaties on human rights, which is then transformed into national legislation. Here, researchers are more focused on the political will of the government, and second, people's perception of human rights before the government took part in the ratification of treaties on human rights and the changes are positive or merely lip service and political imagery alone. Approach or method that is applied using a socio-Iegal research or empirical legal research. Key informants of this research is the Head of the subdirectorate of economic, social, cultural and development at the Directorate General for Multilateral Directorate of Human Rights and Humanitarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Head of legal harmonization in the Directorate General of Human Rights of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Commissioner Assessment and Counseling sub Commission on Human Rights at the National Commission on Human Rights and Resource Development Deputy Head of Human Rights in ELSAM (Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy). Interviews using questionnaires and interview 1 .Hasil Penelitian Dosen Pemula yang Dibiayai oleh Kopertis Wilayah III Jakarta Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan dengan Surat Perjanjian Nomor : 217/K3/KlKU/2012 Tanggal12 Juli 2012. -Konsistensi Pemerintah Indonesia .... (Wahyu Nugroho) 1025 guides. The results of this study revealed that the government has been related to a procedural path of political will of the ratification of various international human rights instruments, but still lacking in coordination with the regions, particularly vulnerable to human rights violations and the Inter-institutional ego sectoral human rights, good governance, commission or NGO in the field of human rights through education fosters an understanding of human rights among the people below, other sectoral ego appears on the establishment of outposts to complaints of victims of human rights violations or the postal service in a separate field of human rights among institutions in the field of human rights. Furthermore, significant changes to the post-ratification of various international human rights instruments to partially show the better through the guarantee of basic human rights in the various joints of human life and there needs to be improvement in the interpretation of the ratification of international human rights by the police and local government officials to implement the their peoples.

Keywords : Political will, government, ratification, treaty, international
human rights.

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